The Art of Investment: An Easter Lesson
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The Art of Investment: An Easter Lesson

With loads of love from the AMP team, we would love to wish all of you our lovely readers, subscribers and followers a beautiful Easter celebration. Jesus the Christ was the best welding everyday situations into beautiful allegories and parables to provide priceless motivation and life lessons; a key example being the “Parable of Talents.”. It is thus imperative on us during Easter to draw Economic and financial pearls from the Easter experience.

The lesson is that of patience, of timing and of commitment; that of knowing what we desire, working fervently and unwavering for them. So what motivation can we pick from his life, death and resurrection today?



There is a time and season for everything. One to sow and one to reap. Jesus waited till he was thirty years to start his ministry. Thirty years is the stipulated time for one to be initiated into the priesthood. The lesson here is: Instead of rushing into any opening, we should be patient, analyse, and consult if need be and grab the opportunity when it comes. There is also the subtle lesson of opportunity meeting hard-work and planning. Notice that within those years, he spent time reading and practicing a vocation- an alternative source of livelihood. As we speculate and stipulate, we should also enhance our intellectual and technical repertoire.



For the three and a half years, Jesus ministered; he did so with unrivalled passion and dedication. When we invest, we should be disciplined to continuously dedicate ourselves to the cause; not because of the profit we envision but because we know it is the right thing to do to create the future we desire.



This might sound like a dark topic but that is not always the case and certainly not in this one. Christ death is the perfect motivation for us to be willing to do whatever it takes; to be willing to put in all the sacrifices needed to make our future brighter.



The resurrection of Jesus after three days is an inspiration that it is never too late to start or revive all that is lost. All it takes is verve, passion and dedication; a resilient spirit that concentrates on the opportunities of the present and sees the beauty of the future after all, the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

As we reflect on Christ and draw inspiration from his life, death and resurrection, may these lessons resound in us and aid us shape our lives for the better.

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