The Art of Investment: Buying Shares
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The Art of Investment: Buying Shares

There is a reason why the African woman is traditionally bestowed with the responsibility to decide on savings, spending and investment at various stages of her life. The typical African woman has the innate intuitive gift of frugality and this holds sway from birth to death. Ideally, this is supposed to dictate how and when one should decide to invest but in our contemporary world where knowledge goes halfway in complementing “common sense”, it is only prudent we encourage ourselves not to just rely on our instincts but to formally enlighten ourselves on trends, processes and methods. As such below is a step by step guide to aid women invest.


Decide on a broker
Trying to personally chase the purchasing and selling of shares is not only tedious but utterly clumsy. It is thus best to seek the assistance of established firms who have years of experience under their belt. This will not only give you the chance of having “priceless free” tips but will also avail you with the requisite relief of dictating things by just a click of your mouse or a phone call instead of running around.


Check the trend
Usually, things come in vogue and fade; in some instances, spikes occur due to governmental policies or projects and in certain situations, fluctuations occur due to happenings on the international platform. A clear example to illustrate this point is how oil prices increase due to tense situations in the gulf countries and then reduce when things ameliorate. It is thus prudent to ask for the previous year’s overview of the performance of the company whose shares you intend investing in keeping key emphasis on the quantum of dividends.


Look out for growth projections
Time and events change and so do our interests. Certain things might happen in the future and we may need to sell our shares. It is thus prudent before investing to enquire about the growth projections of the company, read on plans for expansion by the shareholders and ask our brokers to help predict resale value.


Tread with caution
Upon ascertaining the shares we want, it is prudent not to throw all our money into it. We must always have liquid cash available in regular savings to rely on. AMP would advise you invest whatever you feel you are comfortable with instead of stressing on a set percentage. What we emphasize on is making investment and regular savings a habit.


As you move forward building wealth and making investments, it is key to remind you that the biggest investment is yourself. Learn a new skill, open a new venture and make yourself a better person as you effect your niche on society.

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