The Art of Investment: Selling Shares
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The Art of Investment: Selling Shares

One never lives life just piling up wealth. There must always be balance struck via selling and buying. This final write-up for our series on investment gives you the apt guide to help you make the decision and go about the process. People sell for various reasons: difficult circumstances, emergencies, pre-emption of a dwindle in value of assets, or just for the sheer fun of it. Whatever the rationale behind selling one’s assets (in this case shares), the main objective is to make profit and make as close to original value of the share as possible.

Before selling your shares, you must make sure of three things.


What do you intend reinvesting in

Whatever you intend using the proceed for, should be of a higher value. Be it education, a new project, property or even new shares, always make sure the re-investment value should always be higher.



Planning and apt branding always enhances the value of anything and everything. It is one thing to seek a professional broker but you can always go about and identify prospective buyers and communicate the value of your shares to them. If you get it right, you will not only make good profits bit save yourself the cost of broker fees.


Keep some

No matter your hunch, it is always safe keeping some of those shares, no matter how minute it is. Be it as a memento or a precaution. It is always great to have a trump-card for the future which beats all elements of prediction.

As you go about investing, selling and re-investing, we at AMP expect you to use the tips we have offered this month and make the best of your life out there. Cheers.

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