Success Meets Hardwork: Jestina Sankoh of God’s Covenant Ventures 4Kids
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Success Meets Hardwork: Jestina Sankoh of God’s Covenant Ventures 4Kids

With the lack of recreational centres in this part of our world and lack of certain social amenities, Jestina Sankoh who is a strong advocate for a better life for children started the children’s Event Management and Party Rental God’s Covenant Ventures 4Kids to provide children with amazing childhood memories.

Below is her story;


Please tell us about your business.
I’m into kids’ events management and party rentals. We provide the following services:
kids chairs and tables, theme decorations, bouncy castle, ball pit, merry go round, swing, slid, trampoline, mascots, boxing, basketball, inflated swimming pools, popcorn, popcorn machine, juice dispenser machine , slush machine, party items and many more. God’s Covenant Ventures 4kids was birth out of prayer and fasting. I provide recreational services for children during their birthday parties, schools, family day and any outdoor / indoor event. I believe that this will help our kids grow as they are supposed to and enable them to have good childhood memories.

Address: 41 Freetown Road, Wilberforce between 9 am- 4pm.
Phone: +23299334417
Facebook: Favour Alextina Lextin


What made you decide to embark on rendering these services?
I decided to embark on rendering these services for various reasons;
Firstly, I realised some of the contributing factors to the ills of society in this part of the world is because our kids lack recreational facilities. Secondly, I have observed that many a time when parents celebrate their children’s birthdays, the chairs the children sit on are uncomfortable and prevent proper blood circulation.
Also, Children should be independent and in order to achieve that I decided to rent kids table and chairs.
Finally, I believe that children should not be limited to only education but also on social amenities which certainly fosters a better future for them.


What influenced your decision to become an entrepreneur?
I have always been an entrepreneur and those who knew me in school will attest to that.
I’m a graduate of Fourah Bay College with a Bachelor Honours Degree in Mass Communication, an employer and an entrepreneur. I was influenced by many factors, and these include but not limited to my passion to provide solution to any problem, my quest to make inroads in the market place, providing jobs for youth and young people, supporting the work of God with my finance and not to depend on one stream of income.


To what do you attribute your success?
To the glory of God for wisdom and direction and for making God’s Covenant Ventures 4kids a reality. This business was born out of prayer and fasting. I can attribute my success firstly to God, my passion, zeal and tenacity to thrive and make inroads in the market place. I’m focused and don’t mix business with pleasure.


Lack of capital is often cited as one of the most challenging parts of being an African entrepreneur. How were you able to fund your business?
I was able to fund my business from savings made through my 9am-5pm corporate job as a Communication Officer. My first 150 chairs were a loan from a friend who does business in China. It took me three months to pay her. I deprived myself of so many things to ensure I am where I am today through the grace of God.


What piece of advice would you give to other Africans just starting out?
My advice is this; if you want your business to grow make God your business partner by giving Him Just 10% from your profit. Also, be focused and have passion for what you do and invest your time and resources into your business. During the first two years of your business don’t spend your profit but rather add it to your business (after paying your tithe) if you are a Christian. By doing so your business will grow rapidly. Remember also to add value to your business, the presentation and passion you put in your business will make clients keep coming or recommend you to potential clients. Be tenacious and believe in what you do.


What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made? How did you recover?
My biggest mistake was sharing my business plan and ideas with acquaintances and friends as some people went on to start same. However, I have recovered by adding value to my products and services, and also adding some new and unique ideas to my business order to give me an edge over my competitors.

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