5 Must-Have Financial Planning Tools
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5 Must-Have Financial Planning Tools

Are you tired of writing your expenses on pieces of papers and losing them? Are you tired of lying to yourself that your brain can keep track of all your money moves?  Are you determined to secure a financial free future? Then here are 5 must-have financial tools just for you.

Budgetpulse (free)
This amazing website allows you to to set a budget and plan your expenses by means of charts and graphs. When you sign up, you have to enter all of your information on the site since it doesn’t synchronize with your bank accounts. If you are like me and is always afraid of someone stealing your information, then this site is something to definitely check out.

Acorns (free for students)
Acorns is an app that automatically rounds up your debit or credit card purchases and invest the spare change for you.This means that if you spend $9.57 on something, 43 cents get dropped into your acorns account and once it gets to $5, acorns automatically invest it for you.

Mint (free)
Mint brings together all of your bank accounts, bills, investments and spending into one place. It is very well organized to give you a complete picture of your financial life as well as any insights to help you save more.

PocketGuard (free)
This app is very similar to Mint mentioned above in that it organizes all of your accounts, loans, bills, investments, tracks spending habits but it also builds a budget for you based on earning patterns and spending habits. It also alerts you when a bill is due or any bank fees you may have incurred.

Prism (free)
This app is perfect for anyone who has bills which is most adults. It automatically tracks your bills and sends you due date reminders and you can even pay your bills on this app for free.You can even schedule payments weeks out for free.This app is perfect for avoiding late charges that come with paying bills late.

PS: For those of you who need coaching tailored to suit you, or want more control of your finances, you should sign up for the AMP Accountability Project which will teach you all you need to know about your money and how bet to manage it!


About the Author:

Hodesh Azok is a cameroonian born dental hygienist living in the United States.When she is not working, she enjoys long walks (that’s of course when the weather permits), coffee dates with friends and family and reading. She believes that we grow, improve and thrive not only as individuals but also as a society when we share our knowledge with others so she hopes to pass on the little nuggets she has picked along the way. Hodesh  is also a lifestyle and beauty enthusiast and she blogs at www.ellesimplelife.blogspot.com . You can also follow her life and work on instagram – @ellisesans .

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