10 Habits of Successful Women
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10 Habits of Successful Women

To become that successful woman you desire so much, there are certain habits you need to adopt now to aid you reach your goal.

Below are some 10 habits of successful women;


  1. They write down details of their finances

How can you make great financial decisions if you don’t even know the ins and outs of your own finances. Writing it down helps give you a clear overall picture of your financial situation.


  1. They do not try to live above their means

We have always known “fake it till you make it!” How about trying something new “faith it! Live within your means till you make it!” What you cannot afford, you do not need – at least not now.


  1. They do not shy away from challenges or asking questions

With challenge comes change. Challenging situations move you past your comfort zone and into experiences that change and shape you for the better.


  1. They are not afraid to fail

We all have failed or will fail at something or another but the key is to get up, dust off and keep going.


  1. They write down a list of goals and then break them into smaller task.

Smaller, easier to accomplish task gives us a sense of pride and motivation to keep going so as to achieve the ultimate goal.


  1. They do not compare themselves to others

There are times and seasons for everybody so why bother comparing yourselves to others? your time will come when it comes. So, focus on your hustle, work hard and get that breakthrough you seek so badly.


  1. They stay organized

For every new blessing, comes new responsibilities. So, you have to rearrange things in such a way that you can make room for other things. You cannot afford to leave things to chance. Do some scheduling, arranging and anything that will make your life very organized.


  1. They maintain a positive attitude

Attitude makes a whole lot of difference. It affects how our work, our interactions with other people, how we take advice and constructive criticism. People are more likely to want to offer guidance to a positive person not one who complains about everything.


  1. They surround themselves with great people

Show me your friend and I will tell you your character! The people you surround yourself with have a great impact on you. To be successful, surround yourself with people with similar vision, tenacity and such positivity you will be elevated even when you leave their presence. Also, become such a person!


  1. They network

You need to connect with the right people – friends, clients, investors etc. How would you find them if you do not network?


Success is meant for us all but it is only those who go the extra mile who become successful.


About the Author:

Hodesh Azok is a cameroonian born dental hygienist living in the United States.When she is not working, she enjoys long walks (that’s of course when the weather permits), coffee dates with friends and family and reading. She believes that we grow, improve and thrive not only as individuals but also as a society when we share our knowledge with others so she hopes to pass on the little nuggets she has picked along the way. Hodesh  is also a lifestyle and beauty enthusiast and she blogs at www.ellesimplelife.blogspot.com . You can also follow her life and work on instagram – @ellisesans .

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