Placing Value on your Freelance Services
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Placing Value on your Freelance Services

One of the hardest things about being a freelancer is the way you are treated, because you do not have an office space, it is not an “actual” business. People will try to take advantage of you, disrespect your hustle and make you feel like they are doing you a favour working with you. But that is so untrue. That is why you need to add value to your work and self in order to give you the IT factor and gain the necessary respect for your hustle, you need to do the following.


1. Know your worth
You know your talent and skill. You know what you go through before providing that service so do not let them tell you just because you do not have an office means they are taking a risk by working with you. If they did not know your worth,  they will not be requesting for your services.


2. Do not compromise
People will try to take advantage of you. They will try to demean you. They will make you feel your prices are too high for someone whose services are not even “corporate”. But let me tell you this, DO NOT COMPROMISE. The minute you reduce your prices, they see you as a pushover. Someone they can take advantage of. This way, they will always come to you trying to beat down prices.


3. Know when to walk away
There are some jobs that are just not worth your peace of mind. Those jobs are mostly those that pay less too. You should listen to what your instincts is saying and look at character also rather than money. If the job will take more than it will give you, then you should simply walk away.


4. Have a system
When a client contacts you for the first time, what is your process? You have to have some sort of system. For example;
– send them your profile which outlines your details of your services
– read about their company
– meet them up
– send them a contract (which includes payment plans)
– receive a deposit
– start work
– complete ahead of time

You should have some laid down procedures.


5. Have a rate card
You should have your rates written down. It should be detailed. You should charge clients according to what you know you are worth. Your prices for the same type of job should not differ. People talk so you have to have honest rates. If you have a soft spot for social entreprises and non-profits, you can have a rate for that but other than that, all your other rates should be the same.


Your hustle is your hustle and it is worth every penny you charge. Do not allow anyone to disrespect it and you! Set a standard and follow it!


Naana Joa Braso is a freelance writer, brand developer and a social media enthusiast who loves food, fashion and travel. She has a background in secretaryship/management studies, public relations and a great talent in writing. She is the co-founder of N & J Walker Services – a freelance writing/ social media management, administrative support, branding and consultancy in Ghana. She is passionate about creative writing, arts and design, nonprofits and social entreprises promoting people/ startups and local businesses. Naana believes that in order to make a world a better place, we should aim to touch a soul a day. She does this by helping others improve professionally (sharing branding tips, writing for blogs etc.), motivating/ encouraging others, helping others heal through her posts on instagram, twitter and facebook. Naana hopes to write a book soon on personal growth and healing. Her dream is to own several businesses, make an impact in the world and live in a different city each night.

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