Success Meets Hardwork: Bernice Kportufe of Creamybytes
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Success Meets Hardwork: Bernice Kportufe of Creamybytes

Bernice Kportufe has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She demonstrated it when she started her own boutique at age 22 where she sold everything women’s fashion. She however had to close down her boutique to be a stay at home wife and mom. After nearly 4 years, she decided to change her life story by pursuing her entrepreneurial dream with her love for dessert making and cake artistry. This led Bernice to take cake artistry lessons to make her dream a reality. After a few months of talent, skill and diligence, Bernice is now an expert and the owner of Creamybytes which is gradually becoming a household name.

Bernice believes that God, determination and hardwork are the ingredients for success.


Please tell us about your business.

Creamybytes is a local business in Ghana that seeks to serve customers with the most delicious treats like cakes, pastries and desserts. We believe in serving deliciousness but also are concerned about the health of our customers. We therefore endeavour to use the right ingredients which will not only make our desserts satisfy your taste buds but will also be good for your body.

Contact Details

Address:          Afienya a few metres away from the Emefs Estates

Phone:             +233 (0) 269705441

Instagram:       @creamybytes

Facebook:       @creamybytes


What made you decide to embark on dessert, pastries and cake making?

I was ready to change the narrative of my life. At the time, I had been a stay at home wife and mother for close to four years. I needed something I could do to earn some income and still have enough time for my family. So, I decided to learn how to bake not for business purposes but to spice up my home and serve my family with the best of meals. At a point I realised I could do it so well that I decided to turn it into a business and I must confess that it the best decision I ever made.


What influenced your decision to become an entrepreneur?

I have always had the entrepreneurial spirit. At age 22, I set up my own boutique where I used to sell women clothing, shoes and bags while working with another company. Another thing was also about men wanting to have you before granting you the opportunity to work with them no matter how qualified you are.


To what do you attribute your success?

I attribute my success first of all to the almighty God, I am nothing without Him.

Secondly to my husband for being my rock. He supported and still supports me. He pushes me to do more.

Thirdly to hardwork and determination. Nothing good comes easy so I really work hard for whatever I want.


Lack of capital is often cited as one of the most challenging parts of being an African entrepreneur. How were you able to fund your business?

This is very true. But I got lucky as my husband has been my number one help over the years, he helped me raise some capital to start. Then I started saving part of the money I made from my business and used it to expand.


What piece of advice would you give to other Africans just starting out?

My piece of advice to other Africans starting up is to take risks and work tirelessly towards their goals and learn new things all the time. The world is evolving so we all have to evolve.


What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made? How did you recover?

I see everything that happens in my life as a stepping stone to reach higher heights so I do not call them mistakes, I call them stepping stones.



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