4 Ways to Save More in your Piggybank
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4 Ways to Save More in your Piggybank

Many have adopted the piggybank saving strategy where they mostly save pocket change or coins on a yearly basis. Some involve friends in this saving strategy to help them become more disciplined while others would rather do it alone. Whichever one you may be, you are on the right track. How about challenging yourself to save more and use this money for something bigger? It will require some sacrifices, discipline and commitment but who good things do always come easy right? The below will show you how to save more in your piggybank.


Save unexpected money.

There are those monies you didn’t expect. They are mostly gifts from clients, friends etc. These monies should never be spent no matter how appealing it looks. You have a budget for the month and this money wasn’t a part of it.


Loose money.

Any money made from your budgets. You may have budgeted for $15 for those shoes but you were able to get them for $11. Well the remaining $4 doesn’t belong to you. It belongs in your piggy bank. Same applies for any other thing you’ve budgeted for.


Nice notes.

Any nice note you acquire should go straight to your piggybank. Never spend it. It doesn’t matter the amount. It doesn’t belong to you.


Monies you didn’t know you had.

There are times we leave monies in our clothes pockets, bags etc and forget all about it. Those monies should be in your piggybank when found because you didn’t know you had it in the first place.


These are ways you can take your piggybank strategy up a notch.

Let’s start saving and let’s be disciplined with our money.



Naana Joa Braso is a freelance writer, brand developer and a social media enthusiast who loves food, fashion and travel. She has a background in secretaryship/management studies, public relations and a great talent in writing. She is the co-founder of N & J Walker Services – a freelance writing/ social media management, administrative support, branding and consultancy in Ghana. She is passionate about creative writing, arts and design, nonprofits and social entreprises promoting people/ startups and local businesses. Naana believes that in order to make a world a better place, we should aim to touch a soul a day. She does this by helping others improve professionally (sharing branding tips, writing for blogs etc.), motivating/ encouraging others, helping others heal through her posts on instagram, twitter and facebook. Naana hopes to write a book soon on personal growth and healing. Her dream is to own several businesses, make an impact in the world and live in a different city each night.

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