4 Ways to Boost Productivity
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4 Ways to Boost Productivity

However successful you may already be, you are still probably going to benefit even further by improving your productivity levels. No one is a stranger to frittering away valuable time on social media, or on a hundred other procrastination. As challenging as it can be to maximize your productivity throughout the day, here are a few changes you can make in order to do so.


1)   Enlist the help of technology
If your tech isn’t up to date, there’s a good chance it going to prove an operational bottleneck. For example, poor network connectivity can slow down the rate at which you get work done, as can the use of older operating systems on your desktops.

Plus, it’s a great idea to use to-do list apps like Google Tasks in order to organize your tasks and give you a sense of focus. And you should definitely use a program like Rescue Time that will track your computer usage in a workday, then guilt you into working by showing you how much time you wasted.


2)   Group Similar items and tasks
Got a lot of tasks to get through in a day? Well, try grouping together the tasks that are similar to each other for some incredible time management. By clumping together small, unrelated tasks together, you utilize the ability of your mind to see things as cohesive wholes. If different tasks involve using the same tool, people or location, work on them together in order to save time and experience a sense of flow.


3)   Limit checking your mail
Set a maximum limit on the amount of time you spend checking your mail and replying to it. Prioritize the emails that matter, and focus on spending this limited time on responding to those.


4)   Take (productive) breaks
Trips to the break room may be essential to ensure you don’t burn out at work, but they can also serve to massively waste your time. Make better use of your breaks by engaging in activities that reinvigorate you, or by pausing and relaxing in a way that prepares you for the tasks up ahead.

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